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JPD Band Tunes


Thomas Sanders Set Thomas Sanders     Page 1
  Bonny Lass O'Fivie Page 2
  Leaving Liverpool  Page 3 
The Irish Set Minstrel Boy Page 4
  Kelly The Boy From Killane Page 5
  Wearing of the Green Page 6
Campbell's Farewell Set Campbell's Farewell Page 7
  Loch Rannoch Page 8
  Cockney Jocks Page 9
Itchy Fingers Set Green Glens of Antrum Page 10
  Itchy Fingers Page 11
Green Hills Set Green Hills Page 12
  Morag of Dunvegan Page 13
  High Road to Gairloch Page 14
Steamboat Set Steamboat Page 15
  Bonnie Dundee Page 16
Competition Set Liberton Boys Page 17
  Mist Covered Mountains Page 18
  Wings Page 19
  Gardens of Skye Page 20
Endearing Young Charms Set Gin I were a Baron's Heir Page 21
  Endearing Young Charms Page 22
  Endearing Young Charms 2nd time Page 23
Barren Rocks Set Barren Rocks of Aden Page 24
  Brown Haired Maiden Page 25
Lord Lovats Set Lord Lovat's Lament Page 26
  PM Sam Scott Page 27
Mairi's Wedding Set Mairi's Wedding Page 28
  Wa Saw the 42nd Page 29
  Bonnie Galloway Page 30
Strathspey Set Molly Connell Page 31
  Heather Keith Page 32
Reel Set Forest Lodge Page 33
  Keltan's Reel Page 34
Glencoe Set Massacre of Glencoe Page 35
  Jolly Beggar Man Page 36
9/8 Set Heights of Dargai Page 37
  Battle of Somme Page 38
MSR 79th's Farewell to Gibralter Page 39
Susan MacLeod Page 40
Sound of Sleat Page 41
Independent Tunes Amazing Grace Page 42
Amazing Grace Harmony Page 43
Chi Min Toman - Intermediate Student blowing exercise Page 44
Dixie Page 45
Donald MacLean's Farewell Page 46
Flower of Scotland  Page 47
Flower of Scotland (Harmony) Page 48
Gary Owen Page 49
Highland Cathedral Page 50
Mull of Kintyre Page 51
  No Awa to Bide Awa Page 52
  Joe McGann's Fiddle Page 53
  Minstrel Boy (beginner's version) Page 54
  Pipe Sergeant John Barclay Page 55
  Scotland The Brave Page 56
  Teinside Cottage Page 57
  The Skye Boat Song Page 58
  The Dark Isle Page 59
  Rowan Tree Page 60
  Thug Mi Gaol Page 61
  Murdo's Wedding Page 62
  The Old Rustic Bridge Page 63